“didn’t i drive you to work last week?”

“um, yeah, it’s possible…i’ve been cabbing it a lot lately.”

“you look tired today.”

well…you look like a cab driver.

truth is, i’ve spent a lot of time in cabs lately. as i’ve mentioned before, the blue line train in chicago is giving me the blues, and i’m finding it more conducive to my morning to catch a cab, suck it up for ten bucks, and actually make it to where i’m headed on time.

not to mention i’m not buying coffee in the morning anymore.

yeah, it’s a ridiculous waste of money.

beats conscious into submission.

cab drivers are a rare breed. talk about diversity.

some only grunt. the ones that only grunt seem to drive the dirtiest cabs…i think these are the people who’ve given up on life or actually hate driving cabs, i’m not sure which.

then there are the ones who don’t drive cabs. they drive saunas. open a window in here!

my personal nightmare is the cabbie who LOVES being a cabbie because he has someone to talk to. it’s like sitting next to that person on the train who’s decided to share their life story with you at 7 in the morning.

you can tell i’m a huge fan of unprovoked conversation (in the morning…i enjoy chatting once i’m awake).

then there are those rare cabbies who seem to understand exactly what we’re dealing with out there as cab fares. one guy offered me the morning newspaper. another asked if i wanted to stop for coffee.

oh, but i can’t leave out my personal favorite…

the nascar cabbies. the ones who’ll run down grandma if she even feigns at crossing the street as the light turns. the guy who’ll take the sidewalk if it’ll get to point B faster.

those are the fun ones because usually they swear a lot at other drivers, the ride is like a shot of expresso, and you make KILLER TIME.

that’s really all we’re asking for, right?

a quick (and in most cases, quiet) ride?

i guess it helps that i have the stomach for near-death experiences.

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