i don’t generally harbor any expectations about the next woman i might end up with.

well, other than the standard ‘isn’t a serial killer‘ sort of qualifiers, of course.

anyway, i have a pretty open mind when it comes to people. i never write someone off right away, give most people two or three chances, and for the most part, treat everyone i meet with respect. i like most people.

like anyone else, i’m more picky when it comes to attraction and dating. i don’t push it either…i suppose i’m not really searching it out. i’ll let it happen.

but when i DO ponder it, some quirks i think i’d be into always seem to pop up…things about someone i know i’d find attractive that others i know wouldn’t, but also things that were they not to be a part of that special someone’s story, wouldn’t be missed in any real way either.

this is all just a fluffy way of introducing a list of quirks out there that i think are hot. you know you’ve done the same thing.

  • she knows what RSS, CSS, and XML mean. maybe she can fudge her way through some HTML!
  • she drinks scotch.
  • she’s addicted to her blog. or other blogs. or my blog.
  • show owns a snake.
  • she’s started her own company, or side project, or non-profit.
  • she’s got tattoos.
  • her mom’s brother is jack bauer. or just a regular spy.
  • she loves me.

    okay, that last one was a bit sappy, but my creative juices disappeared and couldn’t produce any more attractive quirks.

    so what are you hoping is weird about your future mate?

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