i’m in one of those more frantic moods that demands my morning coffee and the day to start NOW and some social interaction to keep me occupied but instead i’ve demanded a workout of myself as an entrance fee to saturday.

so while i think about that intelligensia (local coffee, for you outoftowners) down the street i struggle through sit ups and push ups while the tv catches me up on things like hiro nakamura’s adventures in ancient china and jon stewert’s take on a women presidential candidate.

oh, and said television also confirmed that yes, meredity grey is still, in fact, a whiny bitch. who acts like she’s 75 years old.

one of the downsides to living in a big, fun city like chicago is that you’re not the only frantic type at any given moment.

especially when big ten football is being played.

i’m already retrieving messages about the need to stake out seats and tables for games that start four hours from now. completely valid sentiments, too, for someone who’d attended any of the schools playing today.

sometimes i think people around here forget i wasn’t in the midwest during those five years.

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