yesterday involved a ton of football and more beer.

some notable highlights:

we secured some prime real estate at schoolyard, one of the city’s busiest bars and a university of illinois alumni bar, to watch the illinois/ohio state game. three hours before kickoff all the tables were taken, mostly due to eager illinois fans and a slew of clemson fans, who were watching their team in the early game. my friends are wise, so they offered a table up in front of five flatscreens a round of beers if they’d let us snag their table at the end of the clemson game, which they agreed to. even when the time came, i had to strong-arm some overeager illini who tried to sit down ahead of us.

we had a free $200 bar tab with the bar due to everyone but me playing on the schoolyard volleyball team last season and some sort of quid pro quo (they go there after every game, after the season ends they get a blowout bar tab which i latch on to).

later in the evening (but still very early) we walked over to clark avenue and entered uberstein, a german establishment known and praised for their HUGE steins and authentic german beer. okay…no idea if it’s authentic. the shots are, and they’re served on a shot-ski (a ski, with four shot glasses glued in a line).

which is where we played spin the bottle.

who plays spin the bottle anymore?

yeah, we played and we played for a while…and when a group of people wanted one of our tables, they joined us.

so having kissed maybe ten different people last night, i’m certain this season’s first cold is on it’s way into my life.

yay. come on immune system. put up that fight!

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