me: couldn’t see the text…what was it?
8:16 PM

sister: a panda bear
8:46 PM

me: hows cali!
8:51 PM

sister: pretty sweet! it was cloudy today, but still 65. Otherwise it’s been sunny and 70 the whole time. I love this place

me: haha. is it your first time in san diego?
now you see why dad loves it so much.
mom thinks it’s next to china.
8:53 PM

sister: yeah I know. No, I was here once before for soccer, but I barely remember it. and I wasn’t staying in this nice of a hotel

me: good stuff. i’m glad you’re out there
weather here sux
8:54 PM

sister: yes I know. it’s busy though, there’s an incredible amount of science being presented – 35-40 K people at the conference
I present tomorrow
and then leave
8:55 PM

me: jesus. 40K? that’s enormous.

sister: yeah, it’s major. it’s a big deal in my field – it’s all neuroscience
8:56 PM

me: wow. that’s fun though…gets you connected.
8:57 PM

sister: yeah – lots of networking and very intellectually stimulating – there’s so much to see even when you’re at it full time you’re missing like 80% of it
8:58 PM

me: right. that’s so cool…it’s almost like music festivals. i mean, when you’re into the material, you’re in heaven.
okay not heaven, but it’s better than the lab i’m sure:)
9:00 PM

sister: it’s kind of like that yeah. yes – definitely fun. it’s nice to talk to so many different people and have them on be on the same level immediately. I never get that outside of u of c.
9:01 PM
well not with strangers you know
strangers think i’m weird if I talk about my stuff
most people don’t want to talk about it
which I understand I mean everyone has their own thing

me: right. no, that makes sense.
people on the street aren’t typically prepped for neuroscience talk.
it’s all the rage in clubs though.

sister: oh yeah, you can’t imagine

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