i got tagged for a meme by katana over at belleau-wood, which is nice timing based on the family events these last few days.

meme’s are basically just, i don’t know, viral questionnaire bloggers pass around…you expose yourself and tag the next group of unsuspecting writers.

more i think about it, it’s like a big game of truth or dare…without the dare (lightbulb!).

according to the rules, i must (1) list 7 random facts about myself, (2) tag 7 people, and (3) leave a comment on their blog letting them know.


– i have three laptops. my mac is my favorite.

– i set up a private blog for the maternal side of my family, which has proven to be one of the most significant elements of our family for two years running. nearly 50 family members belong, and most read and update it religiously.

– i’m notorious for losing things. keys, phones, wallet, credit cards…i’m oblivious to their whereabouts most of the time. it should be noted that this doesn’t really bother me.

– i drew my tattoo, had it done by a women in san francisco who gave janis joplin a number of tattoos, and as of this posting, that’s it up there in the head banner of this blog. it’s a nod to my immediate family…my parents and two sisters.

– i trust humanity, in general. once i flew to the west coast, picked up a van full of someone’s belongings, and drove it to chicago, alone…where i met the man who’d promised to pay me a couple hundred bucks to do so via a craigslist posting. he was an army general or something. and a bit creepy, to be honest.

– i want to inherit my father’s book and record collection, but i don’t want him to die, ever.

– earlier this week, i think i may have been the first person* to discover that a juicy steak and brie cheese belong together.

it’s time to tag**:

meg, at write on, megs
rachel, at confessions of a jersey girl
erin, at pb & razz
andrea, at my big fat italian life
srah, at srah blah blah
charmingbutsingle, at charming but single
xtx, at nothing to say

*odds are this is a gross overstatement. i sincerely doubt i’m early enough to the game in any culinary creation to claim having discovered a damn thing.

**if i left you out, i probably think you’d be more annoyed than happy to get tagged for a meme***.

***if i did tag you, sorry if it’s annoying!

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