the show last night was a little underwhelming, to be honest.

i went alone…it’s been a long time since i last went to a rock show on my own…i used to do that all the time. i used to go to about five shows a week, though. i used to be unemployed.

juliette is quite a lead singer. she’s crazy, it seems. she crawls around stage in skin tight plastic-y outfits and yells at the front row in between songs. she slithers like a snake as she belts out her lyrics.

the crowd was the cause of my so-so impression of the evening…i don’t think there were true fans there. i don’t know if there are true fans, but it seemed like everyone just stood around staring…hardly the environment i’d expect at a show that loud. the whole thing lacked energy.

i left early, and headed up to lakeview where i actually knew people, and had a long night i can barely piece together. they say i was already pretty far gone when i arrived…the drinks after work before the show must have caught up to me.

i’m such a lightweight these days.

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