speaking of the crowd on friday night, after further discussion with the friends i saw after that show, i think the cute alabama girl who was nice enough to order me a beer and a shot slipped a like somethin-somethin into my drink.

when i arrived at reggie’s, i took some pictures and then went to the bar to grab a beer before the licks started. it wasn’t a crowded bar, but the two bartenders seemed intent on ignoring those of us in the middle of the bar, opting to almost exclusively dote on people on each far end.

it was a little frustrating, but i’m a very patient man so i passed some time surveying the crowd and the venue, when two women walked up and got quickly frustrated with the lack of service.

they sounded english (as in london), and we decided to package our orders to speed things up. as the one nearest the bar went to work on the male bartender, i asked her friend where they were from and she said alabama.

looking back i’m not sure that was true.

two or so hours later, as i arrived up on the north side to meet some friends, i was unusually “affected”. i don’t even remember a whole lot after the show…it was as if the rest of the night was just a long blur of hoppy, uncoordinated stumbling around.

which is just fishy, you know?

even my friends were surprised at my state of coherence (as they put it, “you were dancing like a maniac!”), and couple with the loss of memory, i’ve become quite suspicious of that drink.

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