today i’m very unfortunately missing my uncle’s wake, and tomorrow his funeral.

i’m so glad my sisters and parents could make it out there, and for my cousins reading, well…you know i’d give anything to have been with you this week.

my uncle is the one on the left, pictured at the opening ceremony’s of our annual family golf tournament in upstate new york.

probably one of his happiest times…he was an avid scratch golfer and i know that event was something he looked forward to every year.

only part of that was due to his complete domination on the course (he was nothing if not incredibly competitive), so much so that florida scramble rules were put into place just to neutralize him and make it a fair tournament.

i’m sure we’ll rename the tournament after him from here on out.

rest in peace, uncle peter…you were taken from us too early, but you left us with such wonderful memories.

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