the mystery of friday night continues, with the disappearance of my debit card.

and also a barrage of emailed and texted accounts of astonishment at the state i was in shortly after a concert on the south side, at which i partook of one beer, and one shot.

both of which were purchased for me.

left with nearly four hours i can barely remember (save the trusty camera shots i’m sharing with you of which there were 125!), and sans debit card, the last two days have been a long gumshoe-ish venture back through different participant’s recollection of my night.

bank record show nothing of substance or worry, if you don’t count to completely unexplained transaction at 3am saturday morning, at a bank three blocks from my apartment. a transaction during which my account was debited $42, and then subsequently credited $42.

i think we can all agree that at one point, i was happy.

(note: we also might speculate; happily dancing like an idiot while roofies or ecstacy pumped through my blood)

my filled-with-holes but somewhat plausible explanation for the debit card mystery goes like this:

i had enough cash in my pocket to get back to my neighborhood after a few hours acting like a bonehead in front of all of my friends. i noticed i was cutting it close, and also noticed my staple late-night taco stand approaching in the headlights, and asked to get out of the cab. i give away my cash, walk across ashland, and enter an ATM lobby.

i somehow manage to complete a $40 withdrawal (plus those bullshit fees), get distracted (note: fall asleep? we’ll never know!), which is thus cancelled (ever seen an ATM take the money back?) and the machine eats my card.

your guess is as good as mine as to my reaction to this event…but if i had to guess, my internal dialog probably looked something like this:

dude you just lost your ATM card. in an ATM machine. and now you have no money…and you can forget about those tacos. evidence suggests you should walk away and deal with this when it all makes more sense.

how about you try not to fall down on the way home? you f*cking child.

but here’s another happy face (all pictures prior to ATM maybe-experience):

now you’ll notice as the pictures get later in the night, things start to look a lit-tle bit…worrysome.

the last picture on the reel says it all.

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