i spent the morning watching the traffic websites in chicago, like a teenager waiting for an opening at double dutch.

i saw the opening around 11am, and did make great time out of the city to the far west suburbs.

google maps‘ traffic function actually proved the least useful.

abc’s quirky traffic map (in conjunction with UIC’s artificial intelligence lab) is actually pretty darn helpful…not so much the junky lookin color coded map on the main page, but the traffic times on each road listed on the left.

also, the photos linked off the map are taken pretty frequently. i’d have used that more if they had more cameras on 290.

so i made it back. stopped into geneva commons, the shopping mecca out here in the far west burbs, and made some impulse buys (seen the tan men’s coat at banana? got it).

now i’m in my parent’s home, setting up shop a bit as they try to get home from the funeral in new york.

it’s the first time i’ve been home and not had a room in the house.

actually, it’s more a matter of my bed having been moved out, leaving my “room” empty…bare walls and no furniture.

it’s a little displacing.

but i’m 28 next week…that’s the way life goes, right?

i hope everyone reading this has a wonderful thanksgiving. don’t forget to kiss your loved ones and tell them how great they are.

i mean it…don’t forget.

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