interview with my parent’s house.

hi, house.

hi, d. welcome home.

well, that’s what i wanted to talk to you about…things look pretty different around here. i’m not sure i feel ‘at home’ this weekend.

is it my fault you left and chose some closet-sized apartment downtown over me?

no, it’s not. and i don’t mean to upset you…i’m interviewing you to reconnect, house. i’m putting myself out there.

fair enough.

so tell me…what’s been going on since i left? how you been?

busy, obviously. i mean, unless you haven’t noticed my new window shudders, a new front door, a new back door, a new patio. you really should come around more, you know. i think your parents miss you.

i know, i know…but let’s talk about you. i heard you had a pretty major injury by the fireplace last year.

yeah…that was a close call. i took a lightening bolt to the chimney, and cracked all the way down to the ground. your parents are lucky they knew that stone expert.

well, you know that was my ex-girlfriend’s dad…

which one?

the one i lost my you know what to.

ah…i remember the day well. you still keep in touch?

sure do. she’s my best girlfriend now. we had drinks downtown earlier this week.

downtown. you know, i have wifi now, and hd television, and a flatscreen tv. and plenty of parking.

you’re sounding jealous, house. i park okay downtown. don’t worry…i miss ya sometimes. you got rid of my bed though.

that was your parent’s call…i was against it. i knew it would make you feel like an outsider, but your parents decided your sister should have it down at school.

do you ever miss my parties? i used to throw some major parties downstairs in the basement, right?

i’m getting older, d, so it’s nice to have some quiet time these days. but i’ll admit, i felt useful back then, with all your friends dancing and singing and making out long into the early mornings. it was a fast time, but a good one.

how do you feel about this possibly being our last thanksgiving together?

well, i hope that question was as hard for you to ask as it is to answer, but i think we both know i’m devastated your parents may move out. i enjoy the upgrades, the new paint, all of it. it’s revitalized me in my old age. given me a new life.

but in a way that gift from your parents will make their farewell that much harder…i almost wish i didn’t have to look at all my new digs and know that i was given those things by a couple who left shortly afterwards.

it’s like a tough break up…i’m not sure if i’d prefer it to be quick and painful, or long and on good terms.

i think the long break up will actually be harder for me.

well, we’re all gonna miss you too, house. everything us kids turned out to be started with you. we’ll never forget that.

i’m thankful to have had you in my life, house. thank you for being my first home.

you’re welcome, d. i’m thankful to have you here now.

happy thanksgiving, home.

happy thanksgiving, d.

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