just when you think you have nothing to blog about, the world delivers.

so i’m driving home this afternoon, from lunch with my wonderful family who all gave me such wonderful birthday gifts that i was felling, well, wonderful, and i was listening to chicago public radio and wondering about what i’d write when i got home.

i wasn’t coming up with much.

but then.

i swear out loud because some jackass literally FLYS in front of me, missing the corner of my car by less than four inches.

the guy is going at least 100 miles an hour.

the audacity, right?!

then i realize, as i look behind me, that i’m really the only person on the road except for about thirty police cars, also going 100 miles an hour, and a new helicopter is above me.

i’m in the middle of a high-speed car chase!

at first, i think, ‘i’m on tv. don’t drive like an idiot.’

then i realize that the proper thing to do is pull over, so these cops barreling down route 290 trying to chase down the minivan (yes MINIVAN) that almost blind-sighted me don’t have to worry about HITTING ME in their pursuit.

that would be a nice thing to do.

and i would love to…i really would, but i’m not exaggerating when i say thirty cop cars, and i’m undershooting their speed (probably well over 100 miles an hour), and they are flying around me on both sides.

i decided just to hang tight, and tried to avoid an sudden moves.

so tonight if you see the car chase on the evening news, i can’t imagine you won’t see me right there in the middle!

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