happy birthday to me!

for whatever reason on my birthday i always look around at significant occurances on november 27th.

who was born.
who died.
what’s happened.

most notably, and due to my penchant for music, i think ending the 27th (and golden) year immediately brings to mind graduation from the morbid 27 Club.

the 27 Club includes jim morrison, brian jones, jimi hendrix, and janis joplin…all of whom died at age 27. they all died within two years. the list is much more extensive…this ‘original four’ seem to embody the drama of it, although i always include kurt cobain, because i consider him insanely important to music (pun intended).

so i suppose my point so far is that i’m happy to have survived last year. not that it was particularly difficult.

my birthday always inspired some thought about next year. what do i want to accomplish? where do i want to be?

problem is, i’m not sure i could tell you what i thought last year when i looked ahead to year 27. i can tell you it wasn’t to simply survive for 12 months!

i find myself thinking about travel.

this past year i’ve probably travelled once a month, on average…but entirely domestically.

next year i’d like to add a trip or two across our nation’s borders to the itinerary.

anyone wanna go to jamaica with me this winter?

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