ladies, watch your pants this weekend.

just a friendly reminder.

a post over at ex-everything not only cracked me up, but reminded me of one of those moments in a blogger’s life when they verbally exclaim “that’s going on the blog!” and then forget about it later…usually because of glenlivet 12 years.

as you’ll notice, this has to do with women’s underwear.

at my favorite neighborhood bar, easy bar, last weekend (friday, to be exact), a few of us got together to have a few low key drinks.

since i’ve already mentioned the glenlivet 12 year, i won’t waste time explaining as to how far the night ended up from “a few low key drinks”.

to be fair, in all honesty it wasn’t too crazy, aside from a random young sista joining us at our table for nearly three hours, seemingly content on spending her evening with three total strangers answering questions like, “your favorite band is THREE DOORS DOWN?!” and, “YOU’RE NOT THAT INTO JAY-Z?!” and other somewhat racially-tinged musically grounded inquiries that she shot right back at us, all in good fun.


when we arrived, the bar was empty, aside from two girls sitting between two guys at the bar, directly across from our table.

one of these young ladies was wearing a striped thong.

i know this, because 1)ladies, i’m checkin, and 2)her jeans weren’t loose so much as they were half way down her *ss.

franco noticed as well, and we were pretty amazed at not only the level at which her fashion faux pax* was gracing our view with her booty, but that she didn’t feel a draft.

i mean, we’re talking full V, here…nothing left to the imagination.


and she didn’t notice for QUITE a while.


after maybe a half hour or an hour (who really knows, right?) her friend, sitting next to her and not victim to the booty flash monster herself, noticed the problem, and in whispering at her to cover up, pointed at franco and myself as potential onlookers.

which i caught out of the corner of my eye…i’d quit looking by this point.

now here’s the part that made this blog-worthy (because we both know an exposed thong siting isn’t blog-worthy these days…even the stars have to be commando to make the paper).

the girl gets up to go to the bathroom, not ten minutes after she’s fixed her pants.

and when she comes back?


i mean, i’ve never worn a thong. i never will. but i’d always assumed they weren’t THAT hard to figure out!

predictably, franco and i saw this follow-up performance at exactly the same moment, and before he could comment i said, “YES, SHE DID.” and nearly spit my drink on our table.

so again, ladies…watch your booties this weekend!

*update: how is this word not listed in

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