every year, like clockwork, chicagoans get their yearly dose of crappy weather and dark, gloomy weekends.

and every year, everyone seems to get crabby right along with it.

unwilling to leave their homes.

overtly negative.

to the right is a pic i just took outside my window.

and it’s getting dark as we speak.

the world is ending, and people are unhappy about it.

but could we put this into perspective?

chicago’s damn near the best city on earth, with it’s culture, food, nightlife, cost of living, and warm demeanor. you won’t find a friendlier crowd (usually).

when it’s hot, chicago’s the greatest, and you know it if you live here.

this past summer was no exception.

but now that it’s cooling down, and the winter we all knew was coming has started to arrive, we can’t all let it turn us into zombies, unsmiling caricatures of our summer-lovin selves.

fight the urge.

put a smile on your face!

the elements aren’t that bad…and the first step is the most important.

open that front door.

catch a train, catch a cab. make your plans and you’ll be glad you did.

and i’ll see you there, okay?

we just got our first snow, for heaven’s sake!

remember when that made you stand at the window and beg your parents to go outside?

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