i walked outside my place on saturday, ready to defrost and scrape down my car to drive up into the heart of lincoln park for an alumni event.

with a college friend, wendy, in town i thought it’d be a nice chance to introduce her and her work friend to lincoln park, meet up with some people we both knew from school, and catch some football (even if i was more interested in the missouri game than the cal-stanford game*).

outside i found the scene i showed you pictures of in my last post…a quiet winterland of snow and ice.

my car, frozen solid in a coat of rippling grey ice, sat along the quiet street outside my building where the two neighbors were busy cracking and their own automobiles with a frustrated demeanor that quickly changed my mind.

taxi cab for me. i’ll just wait until this sh*t melts.

i’m heading to lincoln park, anyway, where parking is a nightmare, i thought.

it was a good decision. not only due to the fact that i was right about the ice melting (which happened the very next day), but because i drank quite a bit and would have had to leave my car in lincoln park.

what a long, fun night, though.

the alumni event was uneventful, and since it was held upstairs at a place called the apartment and since the ONLY game they had on was the cal-stanford game, i only popped in twice for a few minutes to grab the free food.

downstairs, while the boys embarked an impressively long bought of photohunt, i suffered through the missouri game and caught up with wendy.

wendy and i have been close since her freshman year in college, and she’s now working for google in boston as a transplanted californian. i advised her on how to deal with her first winter on the east coast, and we laughed about all the stupid decisions we made in college.

she asked about my ex-girlfriends, and i asked about her current boyfriend, who’s livign in india for six months. she was excited to see him for the first time in a few months during the holidays. she was surprisingly excited about her first winter, too, which i’m worried might be wishful thinking.

later into the evening, after the football was over and the beers began to pile up, my boys and i hit a new energetic stride of dancing and photos that would rival any night i’ve had in chicago.

i have 200+ pictures of the night…and we barely left our seats. i’ll share soon…ironically google and i are having a disagreement about storage.

hopefully my insider friend can help me out.

how was your weekend?

whether it was good or bad, these two videos just put today on a positive note for me…i hope you’ll feel the same way.

this one starts slow, but ends fast.

same song, even better.

– came across this on lisa’s blog, who by the way started 20something bloggers.

*a game which solidfied our reputation as giant killers. usc and cal in the same year?!

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