on tuesday night i went to my first holiday party of the season.

it was an event for yelpers, hosted by yelp, at an irish bistro on the north side of chicago.

yelpers use yelp to yelp about places and services. i’m mildly obsessed with using it to figure out where i’m gonna eat or get something done.

which is a relative term. you may have never heard of yelp, and the amount i use it and write my own reviews might surprise you.

but if so, you’d be AMAZED at some of the major hitters over there. i swear some people write ten reviews a day.

i love the site because it really is real people giving their honest opinions on restaurants and such.

anyway, i was one of the fortunate yelpers to be asked to join their ‘elite’ club (shortest midget kind of thing) and thus was treated to two extra hours of HOLIDAY CHEER on tuesday.

CHEER meaning FREE WINE and appetizers. i didn’t have any appetizers.

this irish bistro obviously pulled out all the stops. which i think you’d agree was probably a good idea…they’d just invited 250 people into their establishment who were going to go home and WRITE A REVIEW of their experience.

i honestly think if i’d taken off my pants and climbed on the bar to crowd surf, the manager would have been the first person chanting ‘JUMP, JUMP’.

there’s about three hundred pictures of the event here.

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