last night a friend of mine, mindy, invited me to the chicago gay men’s chorus holiday show, called fruitcake.

it’s funny how these things always turn out to exceed your expectations.  i hadn’t even heard of this particular chorus until tuesday…now i’d seriously consider going back to see the show again this afternoon.
it’s something you have to see.  
maybe 120 gay men, dressed in holiday garb.
two lesbians.
one person i wasn’t quite sure about.
twisted takes on holiday classics – when a six foot six inch grown ass man came out on stage in a negligee and high heels singing a jazz club sexy take on ‘mommy kissing santa claus’, his guttural deep voice booming, ‘this momma likes it loud, so don’t expect a silent night’ i regretted the fact that every single person i know wasn’t there with me.
that’s also right before i noticed my former boss two rows back in the chorus.
ever seen your boss (former or otherwise) do a solo as one of the Three Kings dressed in a dress and coyly shaking his ass at a crowd of men admiring his equipment?
well, then, you haven’t lived.

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