so last night i tried to make some cookies, because my sweet tooth was getting the best of me.  and i was a bit bored and famished after rearranging my entire apartment.

it’s very feng shui around here right now.
i think.
anyway, i didn’t make cookies…i made cookie bars.  
they’re tasty…i mean, how could something with a whole bunch of sugar NOT taste delicious?
but here’s the thing.
who’s gonna eat them?
i just ate four, and realized i face the task of either wolfing these things down until sunday, and coming off the weekend about ten pounds heavier, or giving them away.
so i’d like to give them away to you.
leave your email in the comments and i’ll overnight you some cookie bars.
or email me at dblogged at gmail.
d-blogged is giving away freebies!

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