the holiday party season continues.

tonight i’ll be at the italian village, which i can only imagine will include far fewer gay men in dresses, and far more italian food.

i’ve injured myself, however, late last night while making a pasta dish for dinner.

i should say that i was remaking this particular dish, as it’s something i threw together on tuesday night after a few hours of after-work imbibing and, at that particular time, it was freaking delicious.

whole wheat pasta, thick-sliced roma tomatos, crumbled aged gouda-ish cheese, EVOO and spices.

i’m a wing-it type of cook…and until that fails me i’m pretty sure i won’t be changing the way i work in a kitchen.

usually i’m sober, obviously, but this time it worked out, and i wanted it again last night so i tried to recreate.

far be it from me to suggest i’m more graceful when i’m intoxicated, but apparently slicking tomatos in my kitchen is more dangerous when you’re stone sober.

as i worked through the tomato, oh my oh my did that pairing knife sink right in to my pinkie finger, and oh my oh my did that thing bleed.

it was one of those ‘will this ever stop bleeding?’ kind of cuts…which i think we can all agree don’t come along often. it’s right on the tip of my little finger, and i can tell from the way my joint hurts that i caught the nerve.

so here i am, hating the A key on my laptop because that’s the pinkie key, while sporting a massive getup of gauze and bandaids.

such is life, i say. such is life.

but now i’m off to send out the cookies i made!

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