so today is Reveal Your Blog Crush Day, which i think originated over at Sizzle Says.

i found out about it at Ex-Everything, where i’ve been crushed on. ex, my darling, the sentiment is so, so mutual.

so in that spirit, i’ll reveal a few of the bloggers/blogs i’ve been crushing on lately, which means you should finish reading this post and head directly over to their blogs to see what i’m talking about. because i do know what i’m talking about, people.

here they are:

ex-everything: this is obvious, especially to her, because i’ve already told her that i’m hoping to marry her. but here’s what you’ll love about her blog…she’s honest, sassy, and not afraid of the stuff most bloggers are afraid to write about. she calls people pussies, overshares about her choice of underwear, and asks her readers hilarious questions.

tales of a post-grad nothing: chris is hilarious and beautiful and my favorite blogger in chicago. and she’s only recently moved here and she loves this city and i anticipate every post she writes. i think she came from richmond and she was probably the best blogger there too.

oh how lovely: jamie’s another favorite chicago blogger who i just sent cookie bars to (they’ll arrive tomorrow, jamie, i hope). she likes my cooking…what can i say? of course i’m gonna crush. she’s got a boyfriend she loves, so i’ll back off on gushing too much here. i love how into music she is. ok i’ll stop.

the known universe: this is a blog you should discover if you haven’t already. i’ve been reading it for a long, long time…from back when i wrote a different blog even. it feels like it’s a blog that was with me in another blog-life, and has always kept me coming back. jamie posts an amazing picture with every post, and each post is a beautifully crafted peek into the nuances of his life. there’s something incredibly comforting about his writing style…i’ve noticed myself sort of leaning back and getting comfortable when i notice his updates in my reader, preparing to really digest everything he writes.

there you have it…now SCRAM.

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