i ducked out of the fray about an hour ago to have a smoke because i fell victim a few years ago to the tobacco companies’ malicious lies about light cigarettes and walking right through the downtown chicago like they don’t know that people around here wear power ties and power suits and power stares is a group of five black men who look like they just got done shooting an andre 3000 video. five dudes all pimped out in bright three-piece suits with top hats and no kidding one of them sporting a cane (for his gangster lean). weirdest thing is not one of them stood a full 5 and half foot tall. maybe it was a too short video?

either way it was gorgeous, because there was no self-awareness about these guys. this is how they roll. and how you should roll. and how i should roll…who am i to preach?

back upstairs the windows rattled today because this town rocks an air-and-water show that draws two million people and it rocks it this weekend. i guess fighter jets and speedboats coming together justifies two mil, but it’s never really been my thing.

the fighter jet practice runs did make me think about the people living in lebanon and israel who hear that shit every day and night but in their case they aren’t thinking the beach will be crowded this weekend with tourists hoping to catch a glimpse of the blue angels or fast boats. they have to think about their children walking around outside and bombs falling on their neighborhoods. they think about god and they probably talk to him regularly. they probably have to speak up at the dinner table because of the ruckus jets with bombs are making outside their homes.

jets with bombs.

makes the air-and-water show seem kind of weak-sauce.

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