there’s no question you’ve already read plenty about the recent storms across the midwest.

i won’t reproduce here, but i will offer this…we’ve had some beautiful weather lately.

there’s really nothing like warmish cold weather and a constant snowfall.

it’s got everything you need…a reason to stay close to home, winter landscape, a comfortable temperature, and immediately cozy indoors.

i love it.

so here’s some thoughts as i run off to tackle my endless to-do lists.

– blog crushes are fun, and if you haven’t posted yours on your own blog, you should.
– sending out gifts to other bloggers is a blast and who doesn’t love getting snail mail, right? i think this should be something that happens a lot more than it already does.
– i have very close friends who should be writing blogs. if you’re reading this, that includes you.
– i got my sister the most kick ass christmas gift ever, which now leaves the rest of my family.
– i forgot to put on deodorant this morning. i haven’t really noticed all day.

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