i just got a call from my gym, cheetah gym in bucktown, that went something like this.

“hi, d, this is the staff of cheetah gym, and we were calling because we just got a call from another member of our gym, mr. robert robert* who said that he has your drivers license. we’re wondering if maybe we may have accidently swapped your ID’s by accident when you rented out a lock for the locker room, and would very much appreciate your call back. robert has said he will drop your drivers license off at the gym later tonight.”

at which point i looked at the ID i’ve been carrying around since last friday, when i was at the gym, and noticed it was roberts.

who’s 44 years old and wears glasses.

i’ve been in no less than five bars (ID’ed only once) since friday.

i don’t know what’s sadder.

that i wasn’t asked about the ID when someone saw it.

or that i hadn’t noticed this whole thing until right at this moment!

*names have been changed…if ‘robert robert’ wasn’t a dead giveaway.

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