during the winter you spend a lot of your time inside, and generally a lot of that inside time is naturally at your place of residence.

as i’ve mentioned in the past, i’ve a very spastically productive person…i go nuts when i’m feeling it, and i don’t force it when i’m not feeling it. fortunately that fits into the life i live, both professionally and socially.

that sort of mindset, for me, involves lots of pre-gaming, if you will, on little projects and ideas prior to their execution, and i tend to only get revved up to put and effort into something once i feel like i’ve vetted it out from start to finish in my own head. blame that on my liberal, design-focused education.

as that all related to my place of residence, i’m on the verge of a winter reckoning of sorts…a push to cross my “t’s” and dot the “i’s” of the general state of my apartment as we head into the thick of winter and more notably get prepped for the upcoming new year.

it began maybe a week ago, when i very suddenly (and at a totally inappropriate hour of the day, i might add) got the notion that the whole main room needed rearrangement. couches, flat screen, coffee table, art on the walls…EVERYTHING.

having accomplished that, and having nothing but complete satisfaction at the results, i have lately been contemplating a few different things that are just recently edging towards their own realization.

and there’s a theme to these home-focused ideas…a streamlining of my life and productivity.

they are as follows:

i’m going to pay to have my apartment cleaned. it’s a waste of my time and stress level to continue wishing i’d cleaned yesterday. i’m a very, very neat person, in terms of putting things where they should go (dishes, clothes, etc.), but the next level is getting handed off to someone else (the dusting, vacuum, etc.).

i’m going to throw away half of my clothes. don’t worry…i’ll be throwing them into the arms of people who need them, but i have far too many clothes, and my particular apartment is a bit lacking in terms of closet space. i want everything to fit in the closet, because…

i’m going to make over my office. my office is actually an office and an art room, which i really love and don’t want to change. but i also have a main dressor in there with my clothes in it (half of which are getting gone) and i want it out. i want my office to feel more like my personal space than a closet or a place for stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere.

as simple as these three things might sound…for someone like me they’ll be major steps towards an increase in productivity and general comfort at home.

i’m sure productivity isn’t the first thing people think of when they plan to make over their homes, but in my line of work, you can either work 24 hours a day, or find ways to get things done four times as fast as the competition.

i obviously would prefer the second option.

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