i’m kind of a freak about movies. i guess not a freak, per se, but definitely pretty serious about my flicks. i want to see everything once, and very few more than once. i’m that way about a lot of art, actually.

with that said i do have a few guidelines to my movie preferences, the first being that i’m not that into scary movies. i like to claim it’s cuz i think i have a weak heart, and don’t want to let a movie set off a heart attack and kill me, but 1)i’m not sure if i have a weak heart…i just get chest pain a lot, and 2)come on…a heart attack in a movie theater? at 28? not likely.

it’s really as simple as this: i spend scary movies knotted up in a tight ball, usually terrified. i do usually look back, happy i got through it…but i don’t go and seek out chances to put myself through that.

another guideline i tend to adhere to is a scarcity of romantic comedies. this one isn’t because i don’t like them, although i don’t get butterflies thinking about love actually*…it’s because i don’t have someone to watch them with. i would prefer if the next romantic comedy i saw was with someone i want to kiss afterwards.

which segways nicely into my last thought; i’ve never gone to a movie theater alone.

and i’m considering doing just that right now.

which leads me to the decision as to what i should go see. for my first solo movie excursion.

something like ‘i am legend’?

something like ‘no country for old men’?

‘the golden compass’?

‘charlie wilson’s war’?

seriously, people. need some help here.

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