if you are my sibling, stop reading this post immediately and wait until roughly noon on christmas day.

as i mentioned in the comments, i never made it to that movie, and i’m more disappointed at enlisting the help of you wonderful readers than having missed what i’m sure would have been a great movie.

i will be seeing a movie of your recommendation this week for that reason. you’ll all be there with me.

earlier i’d mentioned the way i tend to pre-think things, and i suppose on some level, over analyze (is this a requirement for keeping up a blog? i think it might be). the whole spastically productive thing.

obviously, this directly affects my christmas shopping,

on sunday, after roughly two weeks of thinking about what to buy family and loved ones for christmas, i set the plan in motion, and it came off flawlessly.

i’d basically almost mapped out the places i thought i’d score the kinds of gifts i was hoping to find my fam. i’d actually already gotten my sister (middle kid) a gift from england, and was deservedly proud of it.

she’s getting four of glencairn’s whisky glasses, two of them engraved with her first and middle name. she’s a huge scotch and whisky lover, and when she asked for dedicated glasses for that type of tasting, i set to finding the best money could buy. these are it, and have been recognized across scotland as the most innovative whisky glasses ever made.

yes, i do want my own.

but alas…it was hard enough to deal with the exchange rates for just the four glasses!

so, one sister was covered, headed into the weekend.

sunday, after my workout, i felt like dropping in on akira, because i’ve always thought some of their jewelry was funky, and my youngest sis was asking for reasonably priced jewelry; i think it’s hilarious that she’s afraid to have nicer stuff while she’s in college, but i guess i get it. tiffany probably stands out on a college campus.

akira always gets me with their hot employees.

sure enough, this cute, cute young women asks me what i’m looking for, and because she had a warm smile and was, well, cute, i told her the deal. she really, honestly, knew just the thing…some betsy johnson pieces that my little little is going to absolutely dig. a necklace and some funky earrings (you can’t expect a guy to give you a good description of this stuff…i’ll look for pics). sidenote*.

this was all very good, because my little little was the one person who’s present i hadn’t really mapped out…other than hoping akira would work out.

then it was onto a little upscale shop on division called elevenzees. this is the kind of place my mom would go apeshit in. it took me about twenty minutes to look at everything in the store, decide i couldn’t go wrong, and pick out some table art for her. some metal hand molded napkin rings and matching candle holders. they’re beautiful.

let me just say…my momma loves setting her dinner table. it’s like an explosion of festivity when we sit down for family holiday dinners. or any dinner, for that matter.

and on to dad, who we all know is the toughest person to buy for. buying something for someone who’s provided everything you ever knew for twenty years isn’t easy. lucky for me, my dad’s pretty simple, and my dad begs us for clothes for the holidays because he loathes shopping for them himself.

also lucky for me, joseph banks was having the sale i was expecting them to have, times three.

i foud him a cashmere sweater for ridiculously cheap, and he’s gonna love it. he spends almost all his free time writing his plays in our basement, which is NOT warm, and i know he’ll get a lot of use out of the sweater.

meh, whatever, dad gifts tend to be a bit boring on some level.

i very much hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful christmas. i’m so thankful for everyone who reads this blog.

*about this employee. i’m a little unsure as to why i didn’t act on it, but i think she was giving me some signals to ask her out. she’s a really cute, petite redhead, and she told me she’s from canada, and was spending christmas all by herself. when i told that wasn’t okay, she laughed a bit, said she was gonna drink some wine and watch movies. she kind of screwed up my credit card a few times, and had me there for a lot longer than necessary, and showed me some henna tattoos she’d gotten the night before, which were on her chest and required pulling her neckline down quite a bit. it all seemed very…subtle but ‘i think you’re cute’.

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