merry christmas friends, family, and friends i’ve never met.

i hope you’re all happy and warm.

with your loved ones.

eating warm delicious food.

laughing and learning, sharing and remembering.

today think of the people who make your life happy. make your life unique. make your life what it is.

the people who love you. the people you work with, around, for, and on behalf of.

the ones who hand you your coffee every morning. who carry you to work in their cabs, trains, and planes. who keep your offices clean, the streets clear of old newspapers, the alleys clear of garbage.

the men and women who make our worlds go around, may they be with their families and smiling and warm and content. may they know how much they mean to all of us, might we not let them know it enough.

everyone has someone who loves them…even the people who may make you angry or sad.

everyone is special.

so merry christmas to all of you.

and again,

thank you so much for reading this little blog.

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