i’ve never been so nervous while driving.

yesterday we set out from chicago around 3pm, four of us in my car, rocking the allman brothers and discussing our three island movies, in the midst of a snowstorm.

a snowstorm that really wasn’t all that hefty until we got outside illinois and into wisconsin.

where the roads are a whole different story.

not only are they frozen solid.

but apparently truck drivers really couldn’t give a shit that they’re frozen.

so we spent a good two hours going about 35 miles an hour on black ice, with semi-trailers flying by us going twice our speed.

it was terrifying.

four a half hours later we reached our remote little destination up on castle rock lake…a hell of a condo that easily accommodates our crew of ten.

right away we obviously got wrecked.

and i just finished cooking everyone eggs and bacon.

now i’m going to try and find a shooting range because i feel like popping my gun cherry today.


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