bah. my picture upload won’t work.

and let me tell you.

have i got some pictures.

yesterday was adventure day in the wisconsin dells.

it all started with the screaming kid, and lasted well into this morning.

we found our way to knuckleheads, where i dominated everyone in both rounds of bowling we rolled.

my first round of 144 blew the competition away.

second round of 135 left me tied with kahl, but we share a birthday party so it’s comfortable sharing the limelight with kahl.

after the rock and roll bowling (and some seriously killer bloody mary’s) we came back to the condo and faced off at a bit of beirut, preparing for some late-ish night sledding.

and i don’t think it needs to be said that sledding was seriously fun.

ten people bundled up and flying down a hill covered in about four feet of snow = FUN. we’re already planning to build a jump for tonight.

unfortunately i haven’t shot a gun yet, but i did play guitar hero for the first time, and i must say…i totally get the obsession.

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