i can’t even believe how many people told me i looked tired today.

i think when i left you i was about to go play in the snow. i’m okay with that having been my last post of 2007…i just had to say hi to you guys before the year ended. mind you, i was frantically trying to get a post in and my boots on because the crew was halfway to the sledding hill, and well…you can’t miss out on a minute of snowing, we all know.

the weekend in wisconsin was a blast.

we all got to act like kids together, cook big meals, play a million different games*, and basically try to make each other laugh as often as possible.

we had dance-offs**.

we had three different beer pong tournaments…one in the dirty turtle, which in some way might be my favorite bar in the midwest. as kahl put it, “everything was on sale, apparently…’can i have 9 soco lime shots and 2 pitchers of beer?’ ‘sure that will be $23.'”

we chicagoans add a little bigger in these parts.

we also had nintendo wii comeptitions, a huge game of junior outburst, and a very late very loud game of taboo***.

everyone grew their beards out, and a mustache showed up at the turn of the year.

in short…i have wonderful friends.

they make me laugh so hard i rock kick.

how was everyone’s new years?

oh, and mine continues. i almost cancelled, but i’m pushing through and heading to new york city tomorrow afternoon for four days, where i’ll run around the big apple with my crazy cousins…about 15 of them.

*of which i think i won maybe two.

**we are awesomely horrible dancers. the verdict is in.

***i’m 90% sure this happened.

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