so now i’m in the upper west side with a cousin and her wonderful friends…i just came in second in our scrabble game by three points. i got away with ‘hee’, which isn’t really a word but no one was up for the challenge.

new york’s a great city. the food slays me…around each corner is another ethnicity and delicious smells and wonderful coffee and the hustle and bustle.

i love visiting this city, even more so now that my entire extended family is sprinkled throughout manhattan.

they all met up at camaje last night for dinner, where they prepared us a prie fixe (sp?) meal and kept our wine glasses full and we spent a good three and half hours catching up on family gossip and holiday stories.

my family is full of outspoken, confident women and their great fiances, husbands, and boyfriends, so dinner was loud, fun, and full of laughter.

did i mention were irish? almost entirely redheaded.

we left the cafe around 11pm and headed to a nearby bar in the village where we threw darts until about 2 in the morning.

getting up to work this morning wasn’t easy for anyone, i don’t think.

it wasn’t easy for me…i’ll tell you that.

more about new york tomorrow, hopefully…but i have to get myself to new jersey for our annual holiday party, so we’ll see.

enjoy your friday!

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