okay, so the delay last night was annoying, as any stint in an airport new york tends be, but it lasted about an hour and i slept most of that hour.

waiting for my luggage was actually the worst long moment of my trip home…took an hour in and of itself, and that was just long enough for me to start doubting myself and thinking i’d missed my bag or they’d lost it which more than once caused the words “okay now i’m pissed off” to scroll by on my screensaver.

but i’m home.

new york was extremely tiring, but it was also everything seeing my family always is…my cousins and their parents are the funniest, craziest, most random people i know, and the group is so homey and so familiar and such a rewarding place for me to be.

even if i did end up with a pretty un-exciting grab bag gift despite my advantageous draw number. next year candles and picture frames are banned.

i’ve got so many stories and observations to share with you dear readers after the last month of shotgun parties, trips, people, and the rest that i’m going to have to babystep through it all. i hope you’ll be patient with me.

i also have an interview for ya’ll that i know will be interesting if the interviewee will let me interview her and publish it here…lex, if you’re reading, say hello to the crowd. crowd, all together now…”LET D INTERVIEW YOU, LEX!“.

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