okay, so the interview looks like it’s a lock, and it should be a nice little insight into my past and my present and my person and my faults, which is really what you all want, right?

so, tonight i’m wiped, because after about ten days focused on everything but what i do for a living, i’ve finally locked back into the thing that pays the bills; the thing that brightens the future; the thing that’s supposed to make a difference for other people in the long run.

boo hoo…we all have jobs, i know.

i know.

i’m not complaining…i suppose it’s actually a bit of an apology.

i feel like i haven’t really sat here and explained myself.

told you the things running through my head.

owned up to who i’ve been these last few weeks.

maybe it’s just cuz i very much yearn to share. to open up.

to put down what i think and feel and experience and don’t want to forget.

to show you some pictures.

some video.

right now…we sleep.

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