the warm weather through last night gave me a chance to run outside for the first time in a long while.

unfortunately, it also tricked me into racing a thunderstorm…a race that i lost by a long shot on monday night.

after the trip to wisconsin, and the trip to new york a day later, i was feeling like i’d put on about 15 pounds in a matter of two weeks. that’s probably a lowball guess too, if you consider the thanksgiving to christmas stretch and the nightly after-work holiday drinks and all the rest.

i always seem to combat the holidays pretty well…working out consistently through the madness, and coming out the other end a bit tired, but altogether having held off the sedentary party-life that makes ‘getting back into shape’ so hard for everyone.

this year, though…the late stage trips out of town really threw me a curve ball.

i’d planned on running in wisconsin.*

almost two feet of snow prevented that pipe dream.

i brought my running shoes to new york.


run in new york city?

more like run around the city and boroughs for four days on five or six hours of sleep, eating and drinking at every turn!

so it’s nice to be home, with some control over my schedule, and to boot; some warm weather.

you can imagine how determined i was to run on monday, as the lightening flickered in the early evening sky, just daring me to get a few miles from home.

which i did.

and at which point the skies opened up like a rain forest and everyone in the city crawling home in rush hour traffic looked out to see the crazy guy flying down damen avenue in torrential downpour, pondering his concern for his own safety.

but you know what?

it was totally worth it.

*it looks like our video of the screaming kid in wisconsin was posted up onto collegehumor! the video’s here.

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