for whatever reason i’m posting extremely late these days.

i don’t know what it is…i usually like to write before i kick into work, early morning, first coffee…kind of a send off for the day.

ever since we hit holiday season i’ve been holding off until day’s end.

do you prefer it one way or another?

be honest.

i know exactly what i’d planned to write first thing this morning. i know it cuz i’ve been meaning to write about cha’ for a few days now…i just don’t know what to say.

cha’s is my best girlfriend.

she’s been pictured here numerous times before and she’s been mentioned in many names i’m sure (cha-rule, c-love, etc.), but she’s the twin sister i wasn’t born with.

as i know you all know…i have some great friends.

extremely close friends from long ago who i truly couldn’t replicate if i had a machine that let you build best friends.

and every one of those amazingly important people is integral to my life and self-perception and daily experience because they have some ingredient that no one else does. each one plays a part…and the short list of undeniable “best friends’ each has some shining quality that i need as much as i need to breath air.

cha-rule is one of those crucial people for me.

our history is long and storied.

our history is chock full of EVERYTHING.

a few times now i’ve tried to compose something that explained why cha meant so much to me, but each time i’ve come up quite short*, and i’ve resolved to just leave it be…to assume the fact that she’s truly special is understood.

all that said…cha’s moved away for two months.

two months!

she’s in st. martin. living on a yacht. yeah.

it’s a weird feeling. it’s discomforting.

i mean, i didn’t see her much for a good five years in college. it was okay. no big deal.

but having lived four blocks from her for a year and half now…

…two months is, as chris robinson put it so well, hard to handle.

what’s everyone up to this weekend?

*i picture it like this;

when you’re born, your soul’s been walking around another type of existence entirely different than life on earth for a bit, and it becomes time to ‘be born’ and ‘being born’ is somewhat like crossing a street heading to elementary school…you’re not quite prepared for the other side of the road but you’re kind of eager to get across the street and get to class.

just before you cross that street, you hold hands with one or two people at the curb, and you step out onto pavement and you start crossing.

you never forget the hands you were holding when you stepped foot on the other side.

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