i eat out a lot.

part of that is due to my profession, and part of it is due to the fact that i love food.

good food.

and i cook, regularly, for myself, usually dinner, but i tend to think i eat out more than most people and yesterday was no exception.

i actually had lunch and dinner out yesterday…lunch in naperville, and dinner in my neighborhood.

naperville’s a suburb of chicago, and also sort of a small city with tons of people and lots of nice restaurants.

i had lunch at sullivan’s…a steakhouse that’s really just another in the crowded space that is chicago-area steakhouses.

but…the ahi tuna steak i had there yesterday was AMAZING.

uh…i mean…it was like eating a filet and sushi all at once.


and it’s all i can think about right now, because i’m STARVING.

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