i’ve been semi-convinced to step outside this evening to phyllis’ music lounge, which is literally right outside my front door.

i wasn’t feeling all that well yesterday, and spent the night on my couch doing a whole lot of nothin’, so i think part of the reason i’m venturing out on a sunday evening is due to that fact…i’m feeling a bit cooped up.

i’m not even sure who’s playin.

obviously it doesn’t matter a lot.

phyllis’ is a total dive…opened up by and named after phyllis’ algren…mother to nelson algren, a famous chicago novelist who haunted this neighborhood way back in the day.

apparently his mother was a musician, and her venue’s now the oldest music venue in wicker park.

in other news…

did anyone catch the nipple slip on the new terminator show on fox tonight?

oh…was i the only person watching that?

well i bet you regret that now. don’t you.

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