since i’ve been asked twice now what EXACTLY i was wearing when i graduated from college, i’m going to post photographic evidence of the whole escapade soon. i have hard copy photos, which in this day and age are like microfiche at the library; seriously what’s the point. i’m hoping one of my cohorts has some digital love for me.

that being said, you’ll notice over on the sidebar that i’ve added two features; + recent news + and + twittering chicago +.

i’m not sure what’s with all the plus signs but go with it…it’s an artistic statement of some sort.

in recent news at the moment you’ll see that the video i took up in the wisconsin dells over new years is now an editor’s pick at college humor, which basically means two things.

one, other people did think that was funny, so maybe it wasn’t a ‘you had to be there’ after all.

and two, i get a FREE T-SHIRT!

that’s right, folks, the editors at collegehumor want to buy me a t-shirt from, to thank me for having such an astute sense of humor and for patronizing their website, and for the life of me i can’t PICK OUT A SHIRT.

which is wear you all come in.

i want you to pick out the shirt i’m going to ask them to provide for me, and then i’m going to wear that shirt out on the town in chicago and post fun, warm, ‘i love my readers’ pictures of myself in the shirt for your viewing pleasure.

so head on over to busted tees.

pick up to two shirts to vote for.

leave your picks in my comments, or email me at dblogged at gmail dot com.

and we’ll tally up and get this thing rolling!

note: the picture on this post is in no way an endorsement of that particular t-shirt.

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