twentysomething debates.

every other monday over at 20somethingsbloggers, the crew is offering up a debatable subject for authors to cover on their blogs. to round out the debate, we’ll all link to other writers and differing opinions on the common bi-weekly subject.

i’m taking part.

the current subject is this;

if you won the lottery, would you keep it a secret?

and my answer is;

i most certainly would.

now before my closest friends pull back in horror and boycott my blog and my friendship let me clarify that i’d try to keep it a secret, and i’d try to do so and still fund the future for a number of people close to me.

i also want to clarify that i’m talking about winning a mega-millions type of prize…a normal yesterday, ungodly rich tomorrow kind of thing.

my thinking goes like this.

winning the lottery is a traumatic event for most people, both positively and negatively. obviously, the stress of financial security is gone, and the huge cash windfall usually means you’re able to realize some dreams and desires right away.

on the flip side, ‘sudden wealth syndrome‘ is a pretty well-documented condition that many winners have; sources of stress and depression pop up around issues like money requests, lifestyle changes, and newfound attention.

don’t get me wrong…i’m a bit skeptical as to the suggestion that the lottery is a recipe to ruining your life…but when i consider how i’d handle it myself, i know i’d want the overall impact on my life and relationships to be minimal.

i know an inordinate number of millionaires.

the ones that impress me the most, are also the ones that seem happiest.

and they’re the ones you’d never know had a dime in their bank account.

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