as you may have heard, it’s supposedly under ten degrees outside in chicago today.

i say supposedly, because i wouldn’t know.

no…i’d be the one who’s still in his pajamas at 4:20pm sitting on the couch watching college basketball and surfing the internet.

i’d be the one who hasn’t left his apartment yet today.

i’d also be the one that isn’t surprised that i am single.

every couple of hours i climb under a blanket because the air in my apartment has dropped from 80 degrees to just under 60 degrees, which not only pisses me off but discourages me from contemplating anything for today that would require me to go outside.

the heat in here is so low-fi it kills me…pump out warm air for a good twenty to thirty minutes, raising the inside temperature to a toasty 80+ degrees and then stay off for a few hours, as the temp gradually ticks downward.

does the fact that i have the thermostat set at 72 seems to have any influence over this process?

i don’t believe it does.

unless it works according to some fucked up logic that says a repetitive swing between 82 and 62 degrees gives everyone involved a 72 degree result.

that may work for the heater.

but it’s fucking up my reality.

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