from: D
to: Chris Couch
date: Jan 20, 2008 11:56 AM
subject: last night’s level of awesomeness

so last night no one had any plans. in fact, of our six-person crew of best guy friends from childhood (we call ourselves TSK which stands for The Screaming Knuckleheads which is our band name – even though not one of us plays a musical instrument) three of the crew had date-night last night. the other three of us, myself included (obviously), decided to meet up for dinner. after a quick dinner we thought we’d head to a sports bar to watch some basketball and plan out our evening. at the sports bar, which was filled to the brim with dudes, and not women, we made our plan.

this was our plan.

1. drink only White Russians (or Caucasians, as we called them) all night.
2. drink them at the most stereotypically young ‘see and be seen’ type bars possible.
3. do not deviate from drinking white russians.

we proceeded to catch a cab to lincoln park, to barleycorn, which is literally the beating heart of typical lincoln park trixie/chad-land and proceeded to drink an INSANE amount of white russians.

i don’t think i need to point out how awesome last night was.

also, the other two just told me they both puked when they got home.

i went to carol’s, which i HOPE you’ve experienced and if not you must, where i danced until 4am with mostly people i didn’t know.

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