i was just about to continue a bit on my ex-girlfriend, but for whatever reason i can’t seem to commit to writing on that subject right now, so it’ll have to wait a bit. more on that later.

just last week i found my doppleganger in the blogosphere.

as you may or may not know, i troll around the internet using my signature from this blog, “d”.

when i comment on another wonderful writer’s blog, i sign those comments simply as “d”.



i received an email last week from ms. ex-everything, a hot young lady from southern california, in apparent response to a comment i’d left on her blog.

thing was…i read the comment she was referring to, and couldn’t for the life of me remember writing it.

my first thought was that i was drunk or something…or maybe i was losing my short term memory (note to self; drink less). the comment included a statement as to very much liking beagles, and i can think of a couple of different dog breeds i like far more than beagles.

confusion ensues, until i follow the non-paper paper trail from ex’s blog comments to find this.


a female version of myself, out there this whole time and i didn’t even know it.

in the bay area, no less…my home away from home.

and the first post i find at this little corner of the blogosphere?

a breakdown comparison between sean paul (yes, the rapper) and ron paul (yes, the presidential candidate).

i immediately read like twenty of her blog entries (obviously all the ones about chinging, her term for sex…what can i say; i’m a big dumb animal, folks) and i can now officially announce to the world:

i’m HONORED to have “d” as my bloppelganger!

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