it’s been a very long day of driving hundreds of miles after a fretful night of sleep in a seriously crappy hotel where i wanted just a half hour alone in the hottub and (of course) instead got a creepy couple talking loudly and i think having an affair.

i almost left it there, because that really isn’t a bad one-liner post.

but i wanted to make sure everyone who wasn’t a member of 20SB (twentysomething bloggers) went a joined…assuming you fit the age range…and make sure votes were cast for the first annual 20SB awards.

of which i’m not nominated, but of which lots of the readers who comment on this blog are.

because pretty much everyone who reads this blog is a better writer than i am.


i thought about it a few times today on my drive, so congratulations to tankboy for the list of cool stuff going on in his life lately…especially the nod from time out chicago magazine. i think that’s really cool, and well deserved. i’m gonna look out for it.

that is all.

see you tomorrow.

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