so my girl over at ex-everything tagged me a bit ago on the seven things about yourself meme, and since i’d already done it, i held off and hadn’t followed through.

which is no way to treat a lady.

then i came across freeandflawed’s post of a similar fashion, with a slight adjustment, and i liked the adjustment, so i think i’ll proceed with that.

i do make the rules, after all.

the seven famous people meme:

one. name seven (arguably) famous people you’ve met or known or ran into, and what went down.

two. tag others.

1. Kevin Arnold (okay, Fred Savage). And Ben Savage.

this is an odd connection, because fred graduated my sophomore year, and ben graduated two years after me, both from stanford. fred and i are fraternity brothers, but he graduated the summer before my class moved into the house.

during my junior year, ben rushed our fraternity, and was denied membership (due to a certain unacceptable level of general douche-bagginess).

2. Chelsea Clinton.

we went to college together, and she was an acquaintance of deuce, who comments on this blog. she took ballet growing up with his (slut-of-an) ex-girlfriend, and deuce connected with her for lunch or coffee infrequently. i joined them twice i think. she was bravely intelligent, socially masterful (she could hold four conversations at once and make everyone feel attended to; sound like her parents?), and very sweet. and prettier than you’d expect.

plus, her secret-security guards would help us manage the doors at our fraternity parties.

all in all, she’s very cool and handled the attention from her father’s accused infidelity (we were in school at the time) with class and poise.

3. Steve Wozniak.

The Woz, founder of Apple Computer and all around Silicon Genius, joined my senior thesis seminar in college for a three hour “chat” of sorts, on topics ranging from entrepreneurial methods to the digital revolution to Napster to sociology.

there were five people in the room, Woz included, and it was without a doubt the most engaging, memorable, and mindboggling intellectual experience i’ve ever had. i am, of course, a nerd. at that point he’d left apple, gone through bouts of amnesia following a plane crash, was involved with GPS and wireless technology, and was bat-shit crazy about music.

4. Jay Demerit.

you probably have no idea who jay is, unless you’re reading this from england (and i’m not sure if i have a single european reader). jay’s a starting defender on the watford football club, and he became a superstar when he put them into the English Premier League by scoring a go-ahead goal against Leeds two years ago in the first division championship game.

he’s rockstar famous in certain parts of london…and in the US he’s getting quite a bit of recognition as one of this country’s young stars overseas.

jay’s a close friend from the college years, having lived and played with a core group of TSK (our BAND, REMEMBER?) members. we quickly became great friends and we’ll always be family.

it should be noted that the one time we met on the field he lost badly. suck it, jay!

5. Walter Payton.

i played soccer with walter’s son, jarrett, along with a few people who read this blog. jarrett was nothing short of hilarious.

walter was the same…he’d show up at soccer practice and take a ball from one of us kids, and then we’d try to get it back from him. as you can imagine, even though walter was a (decent) football player, his lack of foot skill was made up in sheer monstrosity. i remember once catching his shoulder as he turned away from another young player and landing a good five feet away.

due to his fame, jarrett’s mother, connie, was the regular attendee at our games, and she was sweetest woman on earth. i can still picture her big friendly smile.

i was sad when walter died. i was a sophomore in college then, and remember watching jarrett speak at his funeral. walter died because he wouldn’t let his doctors move him up the waiting list for a new liver, because it would have meant the likely death of someone else on that list.

to me that’s a person deserving of fame and fortune.

6. Mr. Belding.

a few years back i was working in entertainment law, and one of my responsibilities was to fly out to los angeles once a month to be a legal presence on a particular game show set.

our favorite Saved By The Bell principal was a contestant, and i was pretty pumped up to meet the guy that Zach tormented throughout my childhood.

we had lunch together, and to be honest he seemed like a washed up old man who drank too much.

it was depressing.

7. Joey Fatone.

the former n*sync boybander shows up in a san francisco club, to the glee and excitement of a girlfriend of mine. she’s a sucker for the boybands (this is when they were popular; no judgements).

she’s terrified to talk to him.
she wants to talk to him.

a buddy and i decide to make that happen for her, so we drag her over to him, thrust her in front of him, and she’s forced to say “ohmygodiloveyou”, etc. i offer my hand to shake his, we go ear to ear because we’re in a loud club, and i decide to say, “what’s up…i’m d; i think i could do what you do, better.”

needless to say he shoved my hand back at me, and i walked away feeling like i’d finally said what i wanted to say to n*sync.

so there you have it. damn, i love wikipedia, huh?

tagged: others.

if you wanna do it, do it. that’s how we roll.

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