conversation with the last beer (a newcastle draft) that i had on saturday night.

d: newcastle, can i call you NC?

NC: sure thing, d.

d: thanks…continually typing your full name would have been bit tedious. plus, NC is kind of a cool nick for ya.

NC: i could probably get used to it!

d: anyway…you were the last beer i had last night, right around 2am, right?

NC: yeah, i think it was about then, maybe a bit earlier.

d: where were we?

NC: we were at pint, in wicker park…you’d actually just showed up. where were you until 1:30am? you didn’t seem drunk.

d: no, i wasn’t too bad. i’d been at barleycorn in lincoln park, which makes twice that i’ve been there in the last three weeks. i can’t tell you how depressing that is. the bar staff has decided that we shouldn’t pay to drink there though (thanks to abby, chicago’s best bartender), so i don’t think it’ll be the last time we go.

NC: do they have newcastle on draft?

d: i don’t think so.

NC: fuck that.

d: agreed…so anyway i just wanted to get your observations of the night i had last night at pint. did you see the two girls i was sitting with?

NC: um, yeah. i was on the table right between you guys. you all looked like you were having fun. a lot of fun, actually.

d: i know! i was sitting with the girls who write to kiss the cook and everyone loves a boston girl. could you tell i’d never met either one of them before? and how cute and fun are both of them?

NC: hey, man…i’m just a delicious english draft beer…although i don’t think anyone would know you guys had just met. it seemed like you guys all knew each other pretty well!

they knew about your friend chalise and that you played soccer overseas. they knew a lot about you, and you knew a lot about them…it’s kind of weird.

what are you guys…blog friends?

d: you say that like it’s a bad thing.

and yeah, we are blog friends. they’re great friends to have, blog friends! we care enough about one another to read each other’s journals…some childhood friends don’t get that involved.

i mean, i was so excited to meet those two that i left my car up north and had the cabbie drive me to a bar two blocks from my house so i wouldn’t have to waste time getting there!

NC: you left your car behind?

d: well, i left it at a buddy’s…we’d cabbed it to lincoln park.

later i shared a cab home with susie from everyone loves a boston girl. she’s so adorable and sweet…i’m bummed she took off for boston today.

thank the lord to kiss the cook lives just around the corner from me. she is such a geniune and hilarious person.

i don’t think i ever thought this blog would give me anything, and especially not two beautiful and smart young girls to lounge around with on a weekend night in chicago.

and in a bar with newcastle on tap, no less.

probably makes you wish you had a blog, huh?

NC: dude. no fingers, no type. rub it in.

d: oh, ha! yeah sorry.

NC: you sound pretty pumped about your new friends.

d: you would be too. both of them were great. funny, smiley, and smart.

oh, and if the first time you meet people you end up basically crunk dancing to neo-hip hop songs…they’re your friends. automatically. people you should be drinking with. that’s a general rule.

NC: that’s a good rule.

d: this is the rule: bloggers have more fun. end of story.

to both of you beautiful bloggers…it was truly wonderful to meet you.

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