riding the el to work in the morning is not always a fun experience. most of the time that ride depends on two things. who’s driving, and getting a seat.

now once they put this blog up on chicago bloggers, you’ll see that my train stop is going to be listed at the division stop on the blue line. in fact, that will be my stop next month, after i move into my new digs. right now, and for the last two years, i’ve been a brown line rider.

now the brown line is the best line, in my opinion. maybe i don’t appreciate diversity enough, because the brown line doesn’t boast the most diverse bunch of clientele, but i think it’s more the fact that a ride up to the damen stop (where i’m at these days) offers a lot of different options along the way if a stop-off is in order. a beer, dinner, friends, shopping…it’s all possible somewhere between the loop (work) and home (play). and usually the eye candy ‘aint bad.

there’s also a girl i know who lives a few feet from the brown, who won’t be on the blue and that has a sadness to it.

anyway, aside from the homogenous crowd, the other downside to the brown is the people they have in the driver’s seat. today was a perfect example of a train conductor (for lack of a better term) who couldn’t figure out how to stop a train. no big deal if you get yourself a seat…which is usually the case for those of us who live so far up the line. but this morning everyone on the northside left for work together, apparently, and corky the conductor had a heavy brake foot, sending everyone on their feet barreling into one another not once, but at nearly every stop.

i’d really rather not spend my commute bouncing off of other disgruntled train riders.

so here’s to the blue line and it’s (hopefully) smooth operators.


whatever. learn how to operate a damn train.

it honestly can’t be that difficult.

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