it’s blogger meet-up week at d-blogged.

after a weekend late-night meetup with TKTC and susie, you’d think my blogger-friend schedule would be all dried up, but alas you’d be mistaken.

last night couch and i met up in andersonville, my old ‘hood, for a kickass evening of food, theater, and drinks. couch actually gets the credit for planning the evening, despite the fact that i lived two blocks from where we hung out, and the fact that i have lived in or near chicago for approximately 24 more years than her.

i was excited to meet couch, because she’s one of my favorite writers, seems like a general badass, and sees humor in things i find hilarious as well.

that, and she just got back from an adventure to the sundance film festival where she conned her way into VIP parties and movie premieres, and i simply had to know how much fun that must have been.

we met up at pho 777 for some pho, which we decided isn’t the most conducive culinary choice for a first encounter*. when i walked up she was reading hunter s. thompson’s first novel, and i kind of knew it’d be a fun evening.

she was green (oh wait, that was the sexy neon light decor of pho 777), sweet, sharp, and as witty as her writing makes her out to be. we caught up on our real lives over a tasty vietnamese meal and joked about the restaurant’s stylistic decisions**.

after we ate we went to the neo-futurist’s haunt down the block to catch That’s Weird Grandma, a series of short plays composed entirely by grade school children. through the acting troupe’s volunteer work in under-privileged school districts around town, they collect short stories written by the children and produce them.


fifth grade love dramas unfold in a movie theater.
a child’s take on a fashion model falling into piranha-infest water.

but get this…

on our way there, couch stops short and asks me if i read write on, megs.

i look confused and say that i do.

“cuz that’s meg, right there.”


sure enough, in the restaurant we’re standing outside, she’s recognized the infamous megan, and now that we’re both standing outside this restaurant and pointing and laughing at how unlikely it is that two bloggers who met an hour ago might stumble upon another blogger they both happen to read…well, it would have been rude not to say hi.

plus, she had noticed us and i think we were creeping her out.

so we poked into the little place, i asked her if she was who we thought she was, and we all had a laugh about what had happened.

then she told us where she was headed, which as i’m sure you must have assumed (because, you know…it’s so likely) was the SAME SHOW WE WERE GOING TO.

so last night the neo-futurists had three chicago bloggers in attendence and they never saw it coming!

after the show couch and i ducked into hopleaf, my northside favorite, and chatted for a few hours about everything ranging from our high school stereotypes, favorite movies, and motivations for blogging, to her extensive stint as a child-actor and my appetite for crack whores.

the usual stuff.

needless to say our time was well spent.

and sort of an adventure in and of itself.

ms. couch…it was a true pleasure to meet you.

*our conclusion was that digging through a huge bowl of soup with a spoon and chopsticks, slurping up admittedly delicious food, isn’t exactly the most ideal setting for an introductory conversation. you be the judge.

**neon green lights trace the walls, as do an endless circle of mirrors. throw in about 40 different plants and flower pots, a hospital green paint job, and (you guessed it) green table dressings. result? a mood, people. a carefully constructed mood.

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