alexis, pictured here, answers some inquiries into our past, and what the person writing this blog might actually be like.

more to come, and a big thank you to her for being so open.


what’d you think when i asked you to do this? what came to your head when i brought it up?

You prefaced it as something kinda crazy or offensive that you wanted to ask me to do, so I was expecting something far worse. Not that it was anti-climactic to be asked to do an interview about you, but more like, “Oh, well, of COURSE.” The prospect was kind of exciting.

If anything, I thought it sounded like fun. Especially because our relationship is something I, of course, haven’t thought about in depth in quite awhile.

I will say though, that I wondered, a) what prompted you to ask me to do this now, and b) why you asked me to do it over some other ex-girlfriend. Or over another friend of yours, for that matter.

I mean, you know the kind of shit I’m going to say about you…

ha! the floor is yours. so, what kind of person do you think i am, based on the time when we knew each other best?


And that’s in equal measures passionate about other people and their lives, interests, problems, ideas, and abilities…etc.

Actually, this was the first word that came to mind, and I thought I’d immediately come up with better ones, but it’s definitely the most fitting. From how you played soccer to how you dance, how you kiss, sexually, all of it.

Also, I think about the fact that I really listened to you and your thoughts and opinions (which is not something I do in general with anyone) and trusted you because you were always genuine, always convincing; this is 100% due to your level of passion.

Even down you the music I listen to …it’s completely a result of your influence (audience: note that I did not listen to or know any classic rock before I met D. Honestly, I really didn’t start listening to much music until after meeting him).

One of the many things I love about you is that you wholeheartedly respect and engage your full emotions in other people’s expertise in such a positive way: you’ve always appreciated what others can do really well and commend them hugely for it. Perhaps this is something I’ve taken note of specifically because I have a strong tendency to get irritated or annoyed if I’m not as good at something as someone else.

But you’ve always immersed yourself in the appreciation of others’ talent and skill.


and like i said…there’s more! stay tuned.

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